Weizenkorn Wooden Knob Puzzles


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The Weizenkorn Wooden Knob Puzzles are designed for babies and toddlers which feature sizeable easy to fit pieces, with brightly coloured wooden knobs and eye-catching animal prints. Great for encouraging fine motor skills, cognitive development and problem solving proficiency. A great gift for a baby’s first birthday.

Recommended Age: 12 months+

Dimensions: 18 x 18 cm

The Weizenkorn Foundation based in Basel, Switzerland, is a social enterprise which supports and employs over 300 young men and women with psychological impairments who are unable to find meaningful work via traditional methods. The diverse workshops of the Weizenkorn Foundation are accompanied by 80 team members as well as an internal social service to help these young men and women strengthen their existing skills and to improve employability in the private sector. The structured workshops run by the Weizenkorn Foundation not only cover areas such as sales, accounting and gastronomy but also focus on wooden toy design, creation and production. Every Weizenkorn car, plane and puzzle is crafted in its entirety within the Weizenkorn Foundation, from initial idea to the end product, giving the impaired men and women a sense of achievement, acceptance and self worth which in itself is priceless.

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