Sow ‘n Sow Gift of Seeds- Trio of Herbs


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This pack includes a mix of parsley, coriander and basil, a perfect mix for the kitchen gardener! Each herb is easy to grow, and will blossom with love. This is both a beautiful card and a joyous experience to gift to someone in your life, or even yourself.

Perfect to sow in spring and summer, simply scatter the seeds, cover with a thin layer of soil in a sunny position & keep moist until germination. 

Each card features original artwork by Daniella Germain and includes a packet of mixed seeds, a tear-away biodegradable plant label and sowing instructions.

-Made in Australia
-100% recycled paper
-Includes an illustrative plant label to mark where your seeds are planted
-Comes with a recycled kraft envelope for mailing

Varieties: Basil: Genovese, Ocimum basilicum, Parsley: Italian, Petroselinium hortense, Coriander: Coriandum sativum

Michelle Brady started her business Sow ’n Sow in 2010. She had been looking for ideas to start her own business and become her own boss. Her love for nature and the joy of growing her own garden from seed inspired her business idea of selling seeds. Michelle loves sharing the feeling of excitement of watching something grow and giving everyone the chance to accomplish growing plants from scratch, whether they have a green thumb or are a gardening novice. When Michelle isn’t working in her studio packing and sending orders, she enjoys spending time together with her husband and two children as well as looking after her garden and growing their own produce.

Michelle’s love for nature also reflects in her packaging. Each Sow ’n Sow product has been designed and made in Australia using environmentally-friendly materials including recycled cardstock and plant-based soy ink. The eco-friendly seed cards are compostable, recyclable and all of her products are free of plastic packaging. All seeds are non-hybrid, open pollinated and non GMO varieties and are sourced from reputable suppliers both within Australia and abroad.