Senger Animal Grabber Bear


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The Senger Bear Grabber is not only a teether and a grasper but also a soft and huggable teddy bear, all in the one beautiful piece. Made from only the most natural of materials – the cherrywood handle, organic cotton outer layer and pure wool filling, it’s sure to be loved by any baby or child.

Dimensions: Approximately 15 x 9 x 6 cm

Senger Naturwelt was founded by Sabine and Volker Senger over 30 years ago in Hesse, Germany. Their traditional yet beautiful soft toys and accessories are handmade using only the finest of natural materials including pure sheep’s wool and organic cotton in addition to meeting strict quality, safety and pollutant controls to ensure their toys are completely safe for children of all ages. Senger Naturwelt are also committed to high levels of workmanship, sustainability and supporting local suppliers when possible.

Soft toys are often your child’s first best friends and accompany your child throughout childhood and beyond. It’s very important to Sabine and Volker Senger to provide children with lifelong friends that are able to withstand endless hours of play and millions of cuddles. Senger Naturwelt soft toys are made to last a lifetime so that they can continue to provide warmth and protection for an eternity if needed.