Ostheimer Kinderkram Cannon Small with 5 Cannonballs


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Ostheimer Kinderkram Cannon Small with 5 Cannonballs
Size: 14 x 4,5 x 5 cm

All accessories for our Ostheimer Kinderkram Ark are carefully made from beautiful alder wood and finished with certified natural oils:

 Ostheimer Kinderkram Anchor
 Ostheimer Kinderkram Barrel
 Ostheimer Kinderkram Cannon
 Ostheimer Kinderkram Cannon Small with 5 Cannonballs
 Ostheimer Kinderkram Lifeboat
 Ostheimer Kinderkram Steering Wheel
 Ostheimer Kinderkram Treasures Chest

The Ostheimer Kinderkram accessories go perfectly with:

– Ostheimer Kinderkram Ark Body Only
– Ostheimer Kinderkram Ark Ships Cabin Ark House
– Ostheimer Kinderkram Sail Mast with Lookout

At a certain Age children are fascinated by the medieval world of the knights. A castle with its many parts and special Equipment is a versatile toy of long lasting joy. One could begin with a basic assortment and then add new figures each year at a birthday or Christmas Day. All of our castle-parts are perfectly compatible, so that your child’s fantasy can form an exciting “new” castle every day.

For more than 7 decades, the German toymakers from Ostheimer Wooden Toys have brought an adorable and lovely image of the world into countless children’s rooms. While our children engage in free imaginative playing they are able to take important steps in their development, they experience the beauty of childhood and gain talents that will strengthen them.

Every Ostheimer Wooden Toy is hand-crafted in Germany. From the draft to the finished product all toys pass through many hands while they are designed, sawed out, sanded, rubbed-off, painted with non-toxic stain and oiled. This way each of their adorable wooden figures become a unique original made for children’s hands and telling its own story.

Recommended age 3+ years.

This product contains a small ball which may present a choking hazard. Not suitable for children under 3 years.