Bikeho Building Blocks Support 10 Pieces


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The Bikeho Building Block Support 10 Pieces consist of building blocks that are long and flat which have been designed to complement the classic Bikeho Building Block Sets. Supportive beams such as these give more options when paired together with the more standard shaped blocks to create bigger and far more wonderful creations than ever before.

Designed with the Waldorf principles in mind, each block is hand made from only the most natural of materials and finished with the characteristic soft rounded edges of Waldorf toys. Every piece in the entire Bikeho range is also shaped from a single solid piece of wood, giving the toys a robustness and quality that many others in its class doesn’t have. Even the bark on the external surface is also safe to handle as all loose parts are removed, brushed and then oiled with food-safe linseed and sunflower oil. A beautiful open ended set that can be played with independently or with other Bikeho items available at Oskar’s Wooden Ark.

Please be aware that Bikeho Wooden Toys aren’t made the same way that most other brands are. They are not cut by machines into identical shapes, they are cut by eye. Bikeho toys are beautifully imperfect and natural, with unique traces of nature. This is what separates them from other toy makers. In addition, most of their products are sanded by hand, which underlines this individual expression. The unique variations are proof of quality, NOT defects. Wood grain has changing structures which serve as proof of its natural origins.