Big Apple Collectibles Funko ~ Black Friday Super Grail/Exclusive Mystery Box


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Every Box Guaranteed to Have One Exclusive (Stickers are not Guaranteed), Grailed Metallic, or Big Apple Collectibles Exclusive Pop.!

Ships Monday – 12/2/19

Get Your Black Friday Super Grail /Exclusive Mystery Box today for a chance to get one of our Super Valuable Grail Exclusive Pops. The only way we can offer these Super Grail’s is by spreading the value of these special giveaway Extremely Rare Pops across the total number of boxes we sell.

PLEASE: Buy as many as you like and unlock free shipping when you buy 2 or more boxes. NOTE: If your order more than 1 set you could possible get duplicates. To ensure randomization and fairness each box is packaged and sealed in advance, and for this reason we cannot prevent duplicates. 

It’s your chance to bring home one these LIMITED pieces:

Gold Metallic Dumbo x1
Silver Metallic Dumbo x4
Metallic Boo berry
Metallic Frankenberry
Metallic Count Chocula
Chase Riddler
Chase hawkman
Chase batgirl
Chase Flash OG box
Chase Penguin
Chase Robin
Chase Flash DC Heroes Box x3
Metallic Ms. Piggy
Metallic Kermit
Metallic Genie
Metallic Ariel & Ursula
Metallic GoT Dragons
Metallic NBC 3pack

Your purchase confirms you agree to our terms and conditions and you understand that if you do not receive one from the list above you will receive one of the following Exclusive Pops which are not guaranteed to have a sticker:

Metallic Night King
All for One Exclusive (sticker Guaranteed)
Metallic All Might
Metallic Jack Jack
Metallic Pink Ranger
Metallic Green Ranger
Metallic mermaid Deadpool
Metallic Battle Armor Skeletor
Metallic SSGSS Vegito

Best of luck!”

All boxes will be sealed, numbered  and randomized and shipping labels randomly affixed to each of the numbered boxes.

ALL SALES ARE FINAL! There will be NO cancellations/returns/exchanges for these boxes!

Get yours now before it’s too late!