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From Stanford man Richard Sherman on national TV after his team won the NFC Championship “celebrating” with a long, loud, crazed, classless trashing of the receiver he covered, Michael Crabtree, to players scoring and then grabbing at their crotches, to Seattle receiver Doug Baldwin, another Stanford man, choosing the Super Bowl, for crying out loud, to mime an end-zone defecation, then defiantly defending his behavior as meeting his and his teammates’ standards.Wholesale NFL Football Jerseys.As the game, as viewed (and once viewed without fail) by the right-headed and well-adjusted, clearly seems in the kind of decay that precedes free fall, nothing improves. It only grows worse and more common. There is not one NFL team that can be distinguished for its we-don’t-suffer-the-insufferable standards.Cheap NFL Jerseys.So a Janoris Jenkins is eager to let the higher-minded know he is a lower-lifer. And even if he knows right from wrong, he needn’t worry about any punitive response.After the puck was dropped, then retrieved for Bryce — who had a heart transplant in 2014 due to Hypoplastic left heart syndrome — both players gave him a fist-bump.Then, as Rask began to skate away, McDonagh, while removing his right glove, quickly signaled Rask to stick around.WholesaleJerseys Cheap.Then Rask did the same with his right glove — so the two could shake hands.Also from that telecast, a head-turning moment if you happened to turn your head: There was a floundering, elderly man on the ice, on skates, in the middle of play!

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