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The NFL’s competition committee will review the final play of last week’sBaltimore Ravens-Cincinnati Bengals game to determine whether the tactics used by the Ravens will be allowed in the future, a league source told ESPN.Wholesale NFL Jerseys. Baltimore intentionally committed holding on nine Bengals players to run off the final 11 seconds before punter Sam Koch conceded a safety and the game ended in a 19-14 Ravens victory.NFL Football Jerseys. The tactic worked because the clock can run out — ending the game — on an offensive penalty, but not on a defensive penalty. The competition committee will consider changing that rule going forward.Replica NFL Jerseys. The competition committee has a history of reviewing controversial plays and rules to determine whether to keep them in the game.


Fitzgerald was the favorite target of Cardinals quarterback Carson Palmer, who threw for 300 yards and three touchdown passes. Those scores went to J.J. Nelson, Michael Floyd and running back David Johnson, who caught nine passes for 91 yards and added a rushing score.NFL Jerseys  china.While Fitzgerald didn’t score Sunday, with 103 career touchdowns, he is one of just 10 players with at least 100 receiving touchdowns. Wholesale Jerseys  china.The Pro Football Hall of Fame should probably start preparing Fitzgerald’s bust now because he’ll likely be elected in his first year of eligibility.