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To be sure, he’s no Rex Ryan, whose bold predictions couldn’t allow him to avoid his second firing in the past three years. Rodgers didn’t promise a six-game winning streak to end the season, but his assertion was bold nonetheless.NFL Jerseys Wholesale.At the time, the Packers were 4-6, and after four consecutive losses, they knew the bleak history of their position. According to the Elias Sports Bureau, only three teams in the past 38 years had made it down Rodgers’ hoped-for path — flipping a losing record after 10 games into six consecutive victories and a playoff berth.And lo, the Packers are almost there. A win Sunday night at the Detroit Lionswould complete Rodgers’ claim.NFL Jerseys Authentic Sale.Whether he meant it as a guarantee or simply a show of confidence, his seven-word declaration could soon go down as one of the most memorable predictive quotes in NFL lore.That’s the way the NFL sees it, at least, which makes it important to us — a notable if amusing lesson as we head into the final (and presumably snowy) month of the 2016 season. Week 13 provided two separate examples, as I noted Monday, and NFL senior vice president Dean Blandino later confirmed that officials have been given discretion to determine when (or if) a snow angel is an illegal celebration.NFL Jerseys Cheap China.This is not among the critical matters facing the republic, but a 15-yard penalty at a time of the year when field position truly matters is no laughing matter (at least not usually). The newly revealed gray area also delivers clear evidence that the NFL is attempting to modulate its overreaction to harmless celebrations earlier this season.

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