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Cheap Football Jerseys.Citing concerns about safety, the NFL adopted a rule change last offseason that moved touchbacks on kickoffs five yards out to the 25-yard line, ostensibly to reduce the number of kick returns, though perhaps with the added benefit of juicing the league’s offense.For its stated purpose, the effect of the rule change has been underwhelming. Of non-onside kickoffs this season, 39 percent have been returned. While this is an all-time low, it’s only down from 42 percent last season, which was already well below the 52 percent average from 2011-14, which was way below the average before the tee placement for kickoffs was moved to the 35-yard line in 2011. It’s not clear that this decline is any greater than what we would have expected if the rule change on returns hadn’t been adopted, based on the ongoing kicker improvement that has been taking place across the board.Cheap China Jerseys.The Jacksonville Jaguars (Adjusted Pass Ratio of 70.9 percent), Kansas City Chiefs (70.9 percent) and Indianapolis Colts (70.3 percent) rank as the most pass-happy teams in the NFL by this metric. But those three teams have trailed, often significantly, for large stretches of their games.1 And, of course, trailing teams tend to throw more, while leading teams rely on the ground game to run out the clock.That’s why it’s crucial to adjust for pass ratio by something I call Game Script. A team’s Game Script, a statistic I derived in 2012, is simply its average point margin over the course of a game or season, with each second of the game given equal weight. This metric isn’t designed to tell you something you don’t already know from watching the games; on the contrary, it is designed to quantify exactly how the game played out.Football Jerseys Cheap.

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