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Todd Gurley, who was taken 10th overall out of Georgia in 2015, had an outstanding rookie season but struggled badly as a sophomore. Cheap Jerseys.Alabama’s Trent Richardson was out of the league in just four seasons after the Browns used the third overall pick on him in 2012. Georgia’s Knowshon Moreno had one 1,000-yard season among the six he lasted in the NFL after going 12th in 2009.Wholesale NFL Jerseys.The most productive highly drafted SEC backs around these days are likely Mark Ingram and Darren McFadden — neither of whom has ever looked like the star he was in college.

Still, while the SEC hasn’t had the standouts of the Big 12 (Adrian Peterson, Oklahoma) or even the Big Ten (Le’Veon Bell, Michigan State), it has put a lot of backs in the league.Authentic NFL Jerseys.Since 2001, there have been 97 player seasons in which a player from the SEC has had at least 100 rush attempts in a season, according to ESPN Stats & Information, compared to only 58 for the Big Ten, 43 for the Big 12, 68 for the Pac 10/12 and 38 for the ACC. This complicates the SEC’s reputation for turning out relative busts at the running back position a bit, since its players have at least shown the capacity to earn carries in the league.Cheap NFL Jerseys China.


For example, the Cleveland Browns and New England Patriots could finish the 2017 campaign with identical records. One of those teams would be viewed as a failure, while the other would be seen as a resounding success based on recent history.China Jerseys.Usually, one or two teams wildly outperform expectations, but those are outliers. They defy realistic best-case scenarios.For the rest of the teams, the goal is to fulfill realistic best-case scenarios. Some want to be Super Bowl contenders. Others just need to improve. But all are striving to maximize their potential. Each of the records used in the article reflects these best-case scenarios.Cheap China Jerseys.How every team reacts to pressure to achieve its pinnacle of success will vary, though. “If there’s too much pressure in August, it’s probably going to be too much pressure in November,” five-time Super Bowl-winning head coach Bill Belichick told reporters Wednesday. “This is the world we live in. You tell me a week in this National Football League when there is no pressure, I don’t know when that is. Every week is a tough week.” Custom Jerseys.

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