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This shot would put some quarterbacks down for the night. Foster can hit. He’s a top-tier NFL talent. But Watson just bounced up and continued to run the Clemson offense. Cheap Authentic Jerseys.And I thought he played his best football after that, leading the Tigers back against the nation’s top defense, a group loaded with draft picks. Watson wore that unit down with tempo and eventually led his team on a game-winning drive to grab a championship ring.When Watson walks into the Houston Texans locker room for the first time, he will get some respect from the veterans, the old cats who have been playing in this league for a while. And it’s not about the former Clemson star’s scouting report or college stats.You see, these vets recognize when a quarterback takes a pounding and gets up off the turf. That’s leadership, that’s toughness and it sells in the locker room at every level.Cheap China Jerseys.I saw it with Brett Favre, Kurt Warner and Mark Brunell during my career in the NFL. Teammates with the ability to take hits, to play hurt, to lead in critical game moments. Warriors.

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Youth is a valuable asset in the NFL, especially with the rookie wage scale in place.Cheap Football Jerseys.If a young man is producing at a high level during his initial contract, his organization will benefit from the below-market deal and can then invest in other areas of the roster before working on a second contract.As a result, the NFL’s middle class has been downsized, with organizations banking on their high-profile veterans while trying to add talented yet inexpensive pieces via the draft.The league continues to thrive with the spotlight on its breakout stars. A surging throng can be found among the young men who seamlessly transitioned from the collegiate to professional ranks. Some of football’s best players have yet to reach their fourth campaign.Twenty-five in particular stand out as the NFL’s best and brightest.Cheap Sports Jerseys.To identify the league’s top young players, one caveat was applied: All of the individuals must be younger than 25 years old at the onset of the 2017 campaign.

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